I am a postdoc research scientist in Emily Cooper's lab at UC Berkeley. I study visual perception, visual neuroscience, and computer vision. I'm particularly interested in 3D natural scene analysis and motion perception. I love psychophysics and computational modeling.

Before joining Cooper's lab, I studied binocular vision and motion perception with Prof. Benjamin Backus, and received my Ph. D. degree in Vision Sciences from SUNY College of Optometry. 
Current projects
I construct and calibrate a petit  omnidirectional video camera system capable of recording panoramic natural scenes in air and under water. Calibration procedures include characterizing fisheye cameras spatial distortion, stereo calibration between multi-cameras, spectrum sensitivity and response linearity, contrast sensitivity and resolution, etc. This camera system is built to record a variety of fish natural habitats for natural scene analysis that's relevant to visual motion perception.
Current projects

  • Bayesian model for 3D velocity perception
  • Zebrafish motion perception and vision-based behaviors
Past projects